As a scholar, I try to write as much as I can as I reflect critically about my field. I also have written via other venues as well. Check out some of my work below. Topics I’ve written about previously include race, higher education, music, and relationships. Check out the Contact page for inquiries regarding freelance work.

On Academia:

On Blazers & Blackness (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Sept. 2015)

“….we must stop kowtowing to appease those who will likely find us inferior and subhuman regardless of our speech patterns, hairstyle or choice of attire. We have far too many examples to remind us that no such affectations will save us from racism. With this realization, we might as well live our fullest lives and be our most unapologetically Black selves. This, in itself, is a form of resistance.”

Response: How Universities Are Recruiting More Teachers of Color (Edweek, Sept. 2015)

“We must continue to ask the tough questions about why people of color are so severely underrepresented in front of the classroom despite the increasing racial diversity of their students.”


In Appreciation of Outkast

“Their music is revival at church with a strip club in the annex and yet, somehow it all blends perfectly.

Radical: A Love Letter to Black Women

Burden of a Black Man

Music As My Ministry (Seven Scribes, July 2016)

The Last Soul Man Standing (Seven Scribes, August 2016)

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