The Creative

Throughout his life, Emmanuel has always used art as a creative outlet. As a child, this took the form of drawing and sketching pictures. In his adult life, his love of words, both written and performed, has molded his creative endeavors. He has dabbled in poetry and/or rap music since the mid-00’s, with several spoken word performances and rap projects to his credit (formerly via the name “Eazy”, now via the name “Manny Voices”). Most recently, he released his official debut album titled “Call It Morning“, available via streaming services everywhere! Bandcamp listeners receive FULL liner notes for the album with their download!

Emmanuel believes that a soul dies without creativity to breathe into, so he will always write something. Always.

Snippets of his long-past creative work are below, and you can also find more tidbits of his poetic/musical forays spliced into episodes of his No Wednesday podcast, with full versions sometimes available via for Patreon subscribers.

The Rapper

Call It Morning album (2022)

Great new collection of tracks from a true wordsmith. Quite often the conversation can be limited from lyricists when the vocabulary is lacking… Eazy is one who understands the colors he needs to use to fill his canvas. You don’t get vibrancy if you only use black and gray, you have to mix and match and go beyond the primary to reach those colors that represent life.

via Ivan Orr, Grown Folks (2011)

Beautiful Life feat. CJ Little

Round N’ Round

The Poet

Snippet of “CROWN” poem (2021)…full version available via Patreon subscribers.

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