A native of Macon, Georgia, Dr. C. Emmanuel Little is a multi-talented scholar, creative and family man. He’s a graduate of the University of Georgia (PhD, Higher Education – Dec. 2018). He also holds degrees from Georgia College (B.A. in Mass Communications ’07, Masters in Public Administration 2010).  He currently lives in central Georgia with his daughter and wonderful wife Crystal, who is also an educator.


September 2018, courtesy of the University of Georgia Institute of Higher Education

Emmanuel is extremely passionate about issues affecting historically marginalized communities, particularly Black people; this passion informs his professional work as well as his scholarship in the nonprofit and education sectors. His current work as an executive member of a nonprofit involves helping shape and maximize mentorship efforts via a lens of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. This role reflects his professional passion throughout his career, as he has served on various committees to provide leadership towards change in these areas and has mentored numerous students in both the high school and undergraduate stages, many of which have gone on to graduate level degrees, law school, and/or productive careers in their respective fields.

He has presented his work at numerous national and statewide conferences including the National Mentoring Summit, NCORE (National Conference on Race & Ethnicity), NAME (National Association for Multicultural Education), AABHE (American Association of Blacks in Higher Education), Critical Questions in Education and several K-12 teacher education summits. He was also recognized as a rising star in Milledgeville Scene Magazine as part of its “20 under 40” feature, published in January 2019. Most recently, Emmanuel was honored by his alma mater’s African-American Alumni Council to receive the Trailblazer Dove award for his 14 years of impactful work.

Outside of academia, Emmanuel also thrives as a voice over professional, rap artist (aka “MannyVoices“) and podcaster (via The No Wednesday Podcast). He also indulges in poetry in his spare time as a creative outlet. As someone always interested in using his voice – whether to address issues of social justice or more creative means – Emmanuel understands and embraces the importance of being heard in multiple avenues.

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