Media Spotlight

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some attention in the media for my work and other interests. Check some articles & videos I’m quoted/featured in below!


“20 Under 40” (Milledgeville Scene Magazine, February 2019)

IHE Students Honored At Awards Lunch (October 2018)

7 Mistakes First-Time Bosses Make & How To Avoid Them (Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 2018)

Want students to succeed? Hire more teachers who look like them (Macon Telegraph, October 20th 2017)

Future educators being educated at the Rising MiSTER Academy (Union-Recorder, June 2017)

Call Me MiSTER recruiting for the future (Union-Recorder, March 2017)

College program working to ‘change the face of education’ (Macon Telegraph, March 2017)

Georgia College launches the Call Me MISTER program (September 2014)

“An Agent of Change” (Baldwin County Union-Recorder, February 27th 2014)

Speaking about the Minority Youth & Business Program at Georgia College (2013)


The Big Read at GC (Nov. 2018)

The Rising MiSTER Academy prepares young students to become teachers (41NBC, June 2017)

Video 2 (Speaking on the impact of the Leadership & Mentoring Insitute):

Speaking about the Call Me MISTER Program at Georgia College (2015)

The Call Me MiSTER program (41 NBC, September 2014)


Promotional Segments for the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education’s Leadership & Mentoring Institute:

(voice-over with video of others): 



Naturally Surviving with Dr. Marvette Lacy (Dec. 2017)


Talking OutKast & The Dungeon Family (with Bryan Smith on The Beast Smith Podcast)