The Voice


You have a nice voice…you should do commercials or something!”  Emmanuel has been hearing some variation of this for his entire adult life, and he decided to start doing something about it in 2019. However, his voice-over story really started back in high school. Despite being just 16 years old and extremely quiet/shy, he was frequently asked to deliver the “closing announcement” over the store intercom at his place of employment due to his attention-grabbing voice. A few years later in college, he worked as a quiet storm radio personality, at times dubbed “The Voice” by his peers. Since then, he’s been doing voice work for ads, explainer videos, etc. in the midst of attaining a PhD (UGA, 2018) and working full-time in higher education and the nonprofit sector.  Samples of his work are included below. Expect more updates as he continues building his career in the voice-over field!


Fall 2021 ad for Oconee Fall Line Technical College

30-second Ad (April 2021)

Audiobook Sample
Documentary/Narration Sample
ProGeorgia (GoVoteGA) Ad
E-Learning Sample
Commercial Sample


Emmanuel’s voice is naturally a deep, soothing baritone but flexible enough to provide different textures depending on the project. It can be described as deep, authoritative, soothing, natural, warm, friendly, clear, trustworthy, and declarative.

His voice goes well with e-learners, narration, audiobooks, commercials, public service announcements, and more! Equipped with a healthy knowledge of both microphone technique and audio editing best practices, he possesses the talent, knowledge and work ethic to help take your vision to the next level. His clients thus far include Georgia Production Studios, Georgia College & State University, ProGeorgia, Oconee Fall Line Technical College and the Black Farmers’ Network.

Want his voice on your project? Contact him directly to find out more at or via the Contact page on this site. Follow his VO-related social media accounts via his “MannyVoices” moniker on Twitter and Instagram

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