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Emmanuel is the host of the No Wednesday podcast, which began in August 2020! The show releases a new episode every Wednesday morning and focuses on helping you get through your week with interesting information, funny soundbites, and relatable truths. It’s a little humor, a little music, and a lot of information, grounded in self-care but branching off in various directions. Topics covered thus far range from bell hooks’ “All About Love” to the greatness of Eastbay magazine, to dealing with fear, to appreciating Outkast, to….you get it.

NO WEDNESDAY FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER is the mantra. Repeat it until it’s real for you! The podcast is available in most places podcasts are found (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Stitcher, etc.). Follow and subscribe to the show here: You can join the official Patreon to subscribe and get exclusive content, and visit the official No Wednesday Podcast Store for awesome merchandise!




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The Outro II No Wednesday

IT'S THE SEASON 2 FINALE!!! Thank. You. Today is all about reflection, showing gratitude to the countless people who support this podcast and those who've been cited in the episodes. Fun & ALL the shoutouts! THANK. YOU!!!! Patreon: The No Wednesday Podcast Store: Cashapp: $itsdrlittle Inquire about voice-over work: Website: Check previous show notes for cited sources that were shouted out in this episode. The Official #NoWednesday Season 2 Playlist:  No Wednesday is produced, written and edited by Dr. C. Emmanuel Little. — Support this podcast:
  1. The Outro II
  2. Dreams & Happiness
  3. (Re)Imagining A Different World
  4. The Social Dilemma
  5. Supreme Gratitude

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