3-24-2020: Birthday Wishes

I turned 35 today and I find myself in a spirit of reflection. These are unprecedented, challenging times, but nevertheless I am wishing many things – as one does on their birthday. I wish you a revolutionary, buoyant joy that protests the gravity of this moment and lifts you higher. I wish you peace that commands storms to stillness.  I wish you the kind of love for self that envelops you so much that others know love by knowing you. I wish you healing that creates new life from scar tissue until every memory bleeds truth. I wish you vision to see that the big picture depends on the lens you look through. I wish you the time to dance with stolen seconds. I wish you silence that soothes and speaks your soul’s language. I wish you courage to starve that which drains you and nurture what feeds you daily. I wish you perspective to feel the rocks under your feet are worn smoother from the soles of others who sojourned before you. I wish you empathy to cry rivers flooded from the tears of those other than yourself. I wish you strength to hold each other as you manage the things you carry together. I wish you gratitude in knowing that for some reason, you’re still here. And sometimes that’s enough. 

Thanks for the birthday love. STAY HOME (unless you actually can’t) and be well! 


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